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Jumi Plastics has been an innovative company in the field of plastic injection moulding for years.

Your partner for injection moulding

Jumi Plastics has been an innovative company in the field of plastic injection moulding for years. Our machinery, consisting of the latest generation of presses which function at a clamping force of 25 to 1200 tonnes, help us produce all injection moulding products under optimal conditions. In addition, all machines have been fitted with highly advanced 3-axis and 5-axis robots with advanced automation, which enables us to realise the most diverse products from the total range of thermoplastics. Furthermore, the products can be assembled, ultrasonically welded, printed on, and individually packaged and personalized. The Jumi team guarantees its customers great flexibility, and through its full commitment of means and facilities the products are delivered right on time and with the utmost care. Below, we would like to provide you with some additional information on how injection moulding is done.

Injection moulding

Jumi Plastics has specialised in finishing high-volume orders since 1972.

  • Streamlined production processes, as well as our five-shift staff schedule, allow us to distinguish ourselves from competitors and deliver excellent work to our clients, time and again.
  • Our machinery has been fitted with all of today’s automation processes. Thanks to 40 moulding machines, which function at a clamping force of 25 to 1200 tonnes and can produce items from 1 to 6 kilograms, we are able to manufacture a large array of products and thus serve our customers to the best of our abilities.


After the manufacturing of the actual plastic product, the customer sometimes requires a finishing process.

  • We can schedule for several kinds of finishing after the injection moulding, from assembly to ultrasonic welding, to printing, individual packaging, and personalised packaging.


During the production process, we constantly look at technological innovation.

  • Our automated production process helps us merge injection moulding and the assembly of parts into one streamlined procedure. In doing so, we keep in mind the strict quality demands by the market segments we are operating in.
  • For automation in our injection moulding department, we use 3-axis as well as 5-axis robots. Additionally, we are searching for solutions to completely automate the operational processes through the development of our own machines or installations.
  • Through the use of our MES software, PlantMaster, we can keep a close eye on our entire production process and correct it when necessary.

Quality control

To Jumi Plastics, the manufacturing of high-quality products is of great significance.

  • From planning to producing, we carefully monitor the quality of our products. As a result, our products keep meeting the highest standards and expectations of our clients (QCD) as well as the current quality demands from the market segment we operate in. We always achieve the right results through advanced process control.
  • Quality control is fully conducted according to strict ISO standards.


Jumi Plastics puts your needs as customer first and meets the modern demands.

  • With our five-shift staff schedule guaranteeing production seven days a week, we ensure the timely delivery of all our products.
  • Furthermore, we have a large storage capacity which allows us to have a large number of products in stock. This way, clients with Kanban demands can be ensured of the timely delivery of what they have requested.


Jumi Plastics Belgium greatly values:

  • Sustainable development goals
  • Safety & healthcare
  • Personal development of employees
  • Sustainable use of materials
  • Customer satisfaction

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