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Jumi Metals specialises in 3D milling. using modern CNC-controlled machines to deliver high-quality results in various materials or both bulk and custom orders. Our skilled team ensures a personal approach to all projects.

We use the following milling machines:

  • DMG DMF 180 (5-axis with robotics)
  • Leadwell V-321 F
  • Leadwell V-30
  • Iearmia 2VL 2000


Jumi Metals also specialises in turning as part of our machining capabilities. We work with metal and plastic components, guaranteeing short lead times and top-of-the-line products for both bulk and custom orders. Our team takes a personal approach to all projects, from start to finish.

We use the following turning machines:

  • Mazak smooth quick turn HSY (with robotics)
  • Mazak Matrix quick turn 250-MY

Electrical discharge machining (EDM)

At Jumi Metals, we offer precision EDM services for custom parts, where traditional machining may not achieve the desired shape or precision. This technique allows us to manufacture parts with extreme accuracy.

We use the following EDM machine:

  • Charmilles Roboform 40


Jumi Metals has been an expert in metalworking since 1984, offering custom grinding as one of its specialties. We guarantee a personal approach and follow-up from start to finish to deliver the highest quality finished products.

We use the following grinding machine:

  • Jung grinding machine

Sheet metal fabrication

In addition to milling, turning, grinding and EDM services, Jumi Metals also specialises in sheet metal fabrication using advanced CNC machines for precision cutting and bending.

We use the following machines for sheet metal fabrication:

  • CNC cutting machine: MVD Inan Hydraulic Shear 3006
  • CNC bending machine: MVD Inan Hydraulic Press 30160


For large-scale deburring of metal parts, we use a specialised deburring drum.

We use the following deburring machine:

  • Rotofinish – Rösler

Metrology room

Our ultra-modern metrology room is equipped with state-of-the-art innovations and technologies to ensure the quality of products. We use an operator workstation with an integrated controller and computer, as well as a CNC bridge measuring machine suitable for touch-trigger and scanning probes (optical and continuous) and indexing probe systems. These are suitable for both series and individual measurements. Palletised operation is also possible. Thanks to our extensive process and quality control measures during and after production, all products meet the specified requirements.

We use the following machine in our metrology room:

  • Wenzel 3D Coordinate Measuring machine LH65

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